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Download Topo maps for offline use while deep in the backcountry.


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Never Get Lost Again

Combine GPS with downloaded USGS or Thunderforest topo maps and you can view you current location on a topo map even when you are at that perfect hidden mountain lake that is days from the nearest the cell tower. Use the GPS and compass on your iPhone to see you current location and to align the map with the direction you are looking.

(GPS and compass work without an internet connection.)

Download Maps

Easily download USGS and Thunderforest map regions so you can use the maps offline while deep in the backcountry.



Plan Your Next Adventure

Be prepared for that awesome journey through majestic mountains, down flower ladened valleys, and over craggy passes. Trace routes to find approximate distances and elevation profiles between locations. After tracing a route on the USGS or Thunderforest topo maps you can view that route on the Satellite map.

Gorgeous Maps

  • Detailed USGS 7.5 minute topo maps for the continental USA. USGS topo maps are the ultimate map for hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, and other outdoor activities. They have the details you need while in the backcountry.

  • Detailed USGS 7.5 minute topo maps with stunning relief shading for the continental USA. This gorgeous relief shading makes the USGS topo maps much easier to read and use.

  • Thunderforest is a beautiful relief shaded outdoor topo map with contour lines, trail, and outdoor features for the whole world.

  • MapBox Terrain is an elevation and land-use layer for the entire world, visualizing hills and elevation contour lines.

  • MapBox Satellite offers highly-detailed imagery for the whole world.

  • Open street map is an ideal map for urban use. (free to use)



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Plan your next trip on your iPad and then sync that data to your iPhone. Sync your routes, trips, and waypoints between all of your iOS devices.


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Topo Maps+ is your best backcountry companion

As someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, I can reliably say that the most important feature of Topo Maps+ is its support for offline usage. You can be deep in the woods, far from any cell signal and still use the app to navigate from waypoint to waypoint. Before you hit the trail, just remember to download the maps in advance. You can then use the iPhone's GPS and compass along with the maps in the field. ... (See full review here.)

Every backpacker or hiker must have this app

I love being able to trace out my route before my trip, having the ability to create waypoints along the way, and measure how far the planned route is. I have a waterproof case for my phone so on my last trip when it poured rain unlike the other guys with paper maps I didn't have to worry about constantly pulling the map out of the case and folding it every segment of the trip. I'm even looking forward to using it while hunting. I highly recommend getting this app if you do anything outdoors.

- JoshWSoehner (iTunes User)

Great updates!

I absolutely love this app and highly recommend it! My brother and I were out on a backpacking trip in a place with no cell phone reception and the trail was covered in snow! This app was able to use GPS and topological maps to tell us exactly where the trail was at in an amazingly accurate way! It told us to walk 10 feet away and sure enough we soon found the trail. This app rocks and I highly recommend it for any outdoors enthusiast!!

- Pjohnson09 (iTunes User)

Gorgeous Maps

The relief shading on top of the USGS Topo Maps is beautiful and really makes these maps far more useful than they are by themselves!

- TheiPhoneG33k (iTunes User)